Wedding: Christine & Maher

Last Saturday, I was the photographer for my first wedding ever. Man, it was tiring. I was pleasantly surprised by the photos. I honestly didn’t think they were going to come out nicely. Well, that’s lies. I knew they were going to be average, but I think they were much better than just average lol. All in all, a success.

PS: Notice the awesome groomsmen with their awesome superhero shirts. Clients after my own nerdy fangirling heart.

I hereby declare September 26, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Day, at least for my friend and me.

Got up early and went to see if we could get standby tickets for the Conan show. We were given a number and told to come back in a few hours so my friend and I decided to go to the 500 Days of Summer bench in downtown LA. Also, I would’ve taken photos at the Conan show but no cameras or photography allowed.

Cher Lloyd & Bridgit Mendler in Pomona, CA - Click here for full album

Also, my website is down so don’t even bother going there lol.

Fashion Photoshoot: Mariah McManus

Mariah is a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles. Her song, “Shame on You,” has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy. “Say It Again" was featured on Hart of Dixie. And she’s one of my favourite artists.

What I spent my weekend doing instead of making graphics:

I went to this art retreat/camp this past weekend, and it was unbelievably amazing. The amount of talent and creativity there was out the roof. There was 370+ attendees: actors, poets, musicians, photographers, painters, writers, fashion designers, make-up artists, dancers, etc. My area of concentration was photography, and these are four of the ~400 shots I had throughout the weekend. If you’re interested in this type of camp, this one is called Terra Nova, and it happens every year during Labor Day weekend.

2NE1 New Evolution Tour in Los Angeles, CA - Click here for full album

I know this is exactly graphic design related, but I’m trying to condense all my artwork into this one blog. So you’ll see photography from me on here as well.

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